{Party} Asher's Birthday Bash Part I

(Asher's favorite was the "smoke" in the root beer. I think Claire was thinking, "Why is is he spitting/blowing in the rootbeer?")
It was Asher and Claire's 3rd birthday, so I decided to celebrate them together with a Younger Cousin Halloween Party.
 I let Asher choose and help with a lot of the details, and we had a blast together getting it ready.
I can't believe that it has already been three years.  He is so smart, and when he uses big adult words, with his little voice, it cracks me up.  He is the biggest percentage wise, that he has ever been, at about thirty one pounds and 30%.  He is 38 1/2 inches and missed being able to ride Splash Mountain by an inch and a half.  Maybe next time:)  I love that he plays the "Save Me Tickle Game"  Matt tickles Asher and his giggle makes my heart soar.  He then gasps for me to save him and waits for daddy to return.  His imagination grows each day, and it is awesome to see where the adventures take him, and us.  I love the fact that he wants to be such a helper with the farm, with cooking, and with crafting.  He is going to be an awesome missionary one day:)

Onto the party...   

The Favors

Multicolored Crayons
 Asher helped break the crayons and I put them in a silicone mold to bake at 200 degrees for about 30 minutes.  At first I wanted to to what Jill at Homemade by Jill did, but I didn't have the time or patience. The crayons looked so cool, but a tip if you make these...
 Don't unwrap 96 crayons by hand, it will take FOREVER! I used scissors and dug into the paper and the crayon, it is going to be broken anyway.  Also, Crayola Crayons are the best, don't try and use the cheap stuff or they won't turn out as well.

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk
I used the same silicone jack o lantern mold as the crayons.  I got the idea on How Does She, it was so easy to make, and works great.  You can use any of the Wilton Cake Gels, and make a variety of colors.  The options are endless.

The Food

Creepy Cupcakes
 Asher knew months before his birthday that he wanted a purple cake.  I used a white cake mix dyed purple and my homemade chocolate cake and marbled them together for his cupcakes. I got some fun lime green polka dot liners, black polka dot liners, and vibrant purple liners to go with the Halloween palette we chose. I got an awesome deal at TheTomKat Studio for some of the Halloween cake toppers.  I made the "beware" toppers using Picnik.  Asher of course wanted bright purple frosting, so I made a yummy homemade butter cream frosting.

Franken Fingers
Asher helped dip the pretzel rods, and he and Abbie loved eating the leftover sprinkles. Bright, fun, and super easy.

Spider Web Cookies
 Asher told me that I had to use the sparkles on the cookies, so after I made the spider webs with Royal Icing, I used the edible Disco Dust.  They were soft and yummy, though it seems like my royal icing is never going to harden like it should. Oh well they were eaten, so no worries.

Yummy Mummies
I got the idea for these mummy suckers over at How Does She.  Asher helped make them at the same time as the pretzel rods.  They were easy, and the perfect salty sweet treat:)

Witches Wands
I wish I knew how to make these:) They were my favorite growing up, so I had to get some for Asher too.  Luckily, the local party store has many different flavors and colors. (The root beer is the best, but brown suckers would have totally thrown of the color theme) 

For dinner, my mom and step mom helped make Monster Eye Mini Pizzas, Bone Breadsticks, and Homemade Rootbeer.

The Decor
We used my awesome spooky tree that I made last year, and my mom's dungeon backdrop with "flickering" wall torches.  We also used here spooky candelabras and my creepy spider webs.  The only casualty was a picture frame that I will fix someday:)

 It was fun to set the stage of spooky magic for the little kids.  The cousins that were older, like Porter, noticed the small details like the skeleton bone ladle for the root beer.  None of the kids were scared, so the night was a success even though we started a little late.

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