Onesie Cookies

My cousin had a baby shower for her soon to be arriving little boy Ryker.  I love this onesie cookie cutter, and so I volunteered to make some yummy cookies.  I still want need to get the larger cookie cutter, because then you can add more details to the onesies:) 

The cookies were so soft and fresh; baked and stored from the night before, just begging to be covered.  The frosting was a buttercream that melted in your mouth.  I just threw it together, but forgot to write down my concoction.  Hopefully I can remember how to make this buttery goodness next time I need it!

Asher actually gave me the idea to make the baby block cookies.  When I frosted the white on it looked like a W to him, and I thought that an R for Ryker would wonderfully.  Asher was also super excited when I whipped out my edible disco dust to give the cookies a fun but still boyish sparkle.

I made Allie two onesies for Ryker and some homemade Baby Legs out of tube socks.  I love the look of argyle, and the argyle onesie was so easy to make. 


onesie- mine was Gerber brand 12 month old
Stretch Blue Denim Fabric
Wonder Under
Coordinating Embroidery Floss

I fused a strip of Wonder Under in size I needed onto the fabric.  I then free handed the diamond shape and ironed it onto the onesie.  I threaded the needle and stitched the pattern I wanted.  I had everything on hand, so the cost was great:)  I want to make a girl version for Abbie to wear. It is so easy! 

For the Firetruck Onesie, I purchased a felt firetruck iron on patch.  Ryker's daddy is a firefighter, and this was added to the collection of all of the cute firetruck oriented presents Allie got.  All I had to do was iron it on, though I would like to figure out a way to do these on my own:)

Allie looked pretty, and she was so happy at the shower.  It is always a blast to get presents, especially when you are so close to having the baby in your arms.  Saturday was such a fun day... relaxing, not rushed.