Paper Roses And Bright Birds

(Idea for my paper roses came from Little Birdy Secrets)
Since I couldn't go up longer than one night for Girls' Camp this year, I wanted to do something fun.  I decided to do a "Guess how many Skittles are in this jar?" type of contest.  Who doesn't like to win a jar stuffed to the brim with sweets.  Asher "helped" me count the Skittles' and by helped I mean he distracted me causing me to have to start over five times.  Every time I got to 100 Skittles, he would dance and yell with his arms spread out, "OOONNEE HUNNNDRED!!!" It was cute.
 I got lucky because I was able to get some Young Women RINGMASTERS jewelry donated to draw some extra prizes. 
For the Grand Prize I made a bright Birdy Glass Tile Necklace with matching Pink Bangle Earrings. 
I was so excited to have the girls guess and win.  What I didn't anticipate was everyone guessing so low.  There were 814 Skittles in the jar. Almost all of the girls guessed in the 100-300 range.  The closest guess without going over was 600, so a girl from our ward won the jar.  At the end of all the other drawings I showed them the grand prize and drew another name.  One of our Beehives won, but her ears aren't pierced, so another girl won the earrings. 
 Now my girls want to make the jewelry for an activity, so they will be able to learn how to do something new.  This was a blast to do for them, and it will be even more fun to teach the girls to make their own.