Flower Garden

These hair bows are for me- made at the Cousin Craft Night
Birds Nest in brown.  Made with Tulle, Organza, and Satin.  Cut in oval shapes and the edges singed with a lighter.  I then sewed three ivory pearl "eggs" off center.  This is a more elegant hair piece- meaning I can wear it with nicer clothes.

This is made from deep red silk flowers.  I love to wear this with black clothing.  It has two medium flowers and one small.  I used white pearls for the middle.

This is my favorite hair bow to wear.  It has that vintage shabby chic look.  I got some trim at Joann's for less than $2.  I cut this down no lower than 18 inches, but I don't remember that exact number.  I sewed a wide basting stitch at the bottom of the lace and formed a rosette.  I glued it to some coordinating felt, and then glued on a gem, large white pearl, and medium ivory pearl to the middle of the rosette.

I taught a hair bow class for YW/ RS at church and showed the ladies and young women how to make these bows.  Matt's cousin Laura taught me how to make this shabby fabric hair flower at our monthly Cousin Craft Night.  I gave this one to one of my Young Women to use as a Secret Sister at Girls Camp, because she was gone to EFY and missed the class.

The hair bows are so fun to make and wear!  I need to find some hair clips that are better suited for me.  Me hair is too thick, therefore the clips don't want to stay in place for very long.  I just deal with it now, but soon I will have to make a new batch with better components.  The nice thing about making your own hair bows is the fact that the options are unlimited.

This one was for a baby shower gift, but I dropped some blue paint on some of the petals; so it is for Abbie to wear now.