The Box

Not that loathsome movie with Cameron Diaz and James Marsden, but my memory box:)

Here are the photos of my painting and the family treasure box Matt made for me for Christmas.  I wrote about it in this Wordy Wednesday blog post.

I was a nerdy teacher's pet; because I am an art nerd. AND PROUD OF IT! :) I have had this professor a few times now.  She is an awesome teacher, who is Liberal in her interpretation of art (everyone should be) therefore she didn't put any constraints on artistic expression, or unconventional art applications. 
When I had her my very first semester of college, Dr. Reynolds did part of a class on Piet Mondrian.  I have always been into geometrics, and I found his works calming and pleasant to look at; reminding me of stained glass.  Three years later when I had another art class with Dr. Reynolds, and told her that I wanted to do my own version of a Mondrian.  She was enthusiastic, so I got to work on the twenty hour semester final.  I drew many different layouts, figured out what color combinations I wanted, and got my supplies together.  This canvas is large; at least three feet by four and a half feet, and I couldn't wait to get painting.  I used electrician's tape for the black lines, otherwise I would have gone crazy.  This particular teacher only let us use oil paints in the class, and we only got Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow, and White.  That meant that I had to mix my own colors.  I decided to do rainbow... red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple; so that I could hang it in Asher's room eventually. 
I am weird when it comes to oil painting, I don't particularly enjoy them. They take to long to dry.  I either use Liquin to thin it out, so that it rapidly drys; or I use sheet rock as my canvas and it absorbs the moister causing it to dry.  I also hate using paint brushes with oils, so I rarely do it.  It is such a pain to clean them and I don't like the brush marks, so I use a pallet knife or my fingers as my "brushes."
I like how it turned out, and I got an A in the class, so all is well.

When we decided to do a homemade Christmas, Matt contacted a friend who does woodwork.  His friend taught him how to make a box, and Matt's result was this.  I LOVE it! He worked so hard, and the wood is beautiful.  When he first gave it to me, I didn't realize that he had scrolled my painting's design into the top.  When I looked closer, my heart was so happy because he knew how much I loved that style.  It was an extra touch to something already so special.  Now when special moments happen, a reminder of that goes in the box. 
The letter from the Bountiful Temple, giving us the information for our wedding... the advice book signed by family and friends from our reception... the necklace Asher made me in nursery for Mother's Day, and other little things are in there.  This box is so special to me.  Sometimes we give gifts without meaning behind them, but I know that Matt thought this out and gave me something special.