Birds Nest Easter Cupcakes

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and General Conference weekend.
For Easter I made Robin's Nest Cupcakes. I found the cake recipe over at Homemade By Jill. When I made them, they had such a great smell because of the almond extract. I am still searching for a white cake recipe, but this one was adequate. I used the White Chocolate Frosting tinted a pale yellow. For the nest's I used bran and milk chocolate melts topped with the Cadbury Eggs. It was very easy to make the nest's, and next time I might try mixing it with toasted coconut or chinese noodles.
Asher enjoyed the cupcakes as well. The mini cupcakes were the perfect size for him; because when I wasn't looking he bit the frosting off of two of them, and the head off of one Peep.
I also made some chocolate dipped peeps. My husband thought me evil, because he couldn't leave them alone. Once I got him and Asher away from them, I made a bunch more to bring to the festivities. The main purpose of the Peeps was the fact that you can buy sugar free ones too. I bought one pack of the sugar free that I dipped in sugar free chocolate. This made it so my dad and grandpa got a little treat as well. I don't particularly care for the sugar free chocolate, as it is very dark, but it served it's purpose.
Before the milk chocolate melts hardened, I poured on some fun Easter sprinkles. The best thing was, at the end of day, there were none left to tempt me:)