{Party} Rainbow Birthday Cake

Abbie's 1st birthday has come and gone. This cake, well it didn't last forever, maybe 15 minutes; but the pictures sure are pretty. Abbie loved it! She kept on putting handfuls of this colorful cake in her happy to be naked, messy body via her ever smacking lips.
I started off with the recipe from Cheeky Kitchen for her Bow in the Clouds recipe with white chocolate frosting. That frosting was so yummy, I could have eaten just that. Each of the layers had a fruit flavor to go along with the color.
Red- Raspberry
Orange- Duh:)
Yellow- Lemon
Green- Lime
Blue- Blueberries
Purple- Blackberries
The kitchen smelled so yummy. Asher wanted to touch it, taste it, mix it, so I let him help me mash the berries. It was a fun cake to make, but definitely time consuming with the various components I wanted it to have.
Like I said in this post about the cake, I should have used the same brand of cake pans for all six layers. It wound up making the whole cake go in and out, and look a little lumpy. The frosting spread really well, and was super easy to make. I finally found a white cake recipe to try from scratch today. It looks just as simple as the chocolate one I make, because I have all of the ingredients on hand all of the time. Nothing special needed. Plus, it can make four dozen cupcakes, in one batch, oh yeah. The Pillsbury boxed White Cake Mix could have been where the issues began. I normally have no issues with the Pillsbury brand. The cake already has the pudding in the mix, and the cake wound up being so moist that the layers each had to sit in the refrigerator overnight to firm up. Otherwise, the tops would have ripped right off, and nobody likes to look at a cake that has huge chunks of crumbs were frosting should be and no perfectly baked top. Something else that helped was I purchased for about $3.00 (at Robert's with a coupon) the Wilton Bake Even Strips these strips made it so that each layer cooked evenly and I didn't have to cut the tops off. (Except maybe then I would have got the chance to taste the cake:)

I covered the cake with Marshamallow Fondant. The MMF helped to smooth out the lumpiness of the cake. I still need a lot of work in the large cake being covered in fondant area, but overall it was fine. I wrapped the bottom in a lime grosgrain ribbon. Then I bought sugarpaste powder(coupon- Roberts) and made it up. I used my fondant tools to make the little flowers; after I tinted it rose pink. I then made a simple royal icing to use as the flower's middle.
Abbie is one, she didn't care if it was lumpy or crumb-y, as long as she can look back and see all of the work I went to. I realize, especially now that the party is over, that it was 25% for her and 75% for me. I had so much fun prepping over the two and a half months leading up to the party.

Here is the wooden doll cake topper I painted. The little wooden stands were only two for $1. The dolls were two for $2.50 (coupon- Robert's) I just painted it to represent Abbie with three brown tones in swirls to imitate her curls. Then I sealed it all with a Krylon Gloss spray. I should not have affixed it to the stand with hot glue, when I went to remove the topper, the doll tore off.

I thought the cake was fun to make, it was time consuming, but fun. Hopefully next time I make it, I will actually get to taste it. We are doing a Wizard of Oz theme for young Women in Excellence, and maybe I will do this cake again, or better yet as cupcakes. I can't wait.