Smartie Pants

It was my mother in law's birthday this past weekend. She loves Smarties Candies, and as I was in charge of dessert for the family dinner, I made a Smarties birthday cake.
I started off with six of my 4 inch mini cake pans and used my chocolate cake recipe. Once they were removed from the pan and cooled, I prepared to frost them. I found a recipe for homemade marshmallow (MM) fondant. I made the fondant the day before, as it is best if it sits overnight. I tinted it the next day right before I used it. I used a light and airy homemade chocolate hazelnut butter cream frosting. It was yummy. Not enough hazelnut for me, and the wrong type of frosting for this project, but it was sooo good.
In the future, if I can't get the fondant to knead in my Kitchen Aid, I may start to use the pre-made nasty tasting stuff. The MM tasted so yummy, but took a long time to knead and create. That time frame and the ever stiffening dough, are not good for someone with a shoulder that acts up. It is a toss up
MM fondant- Tastes great, cheap to make ($3)- takes a while to make, painful
Pre-made fondant- Tastes blah, not so cheap ($11)- ready to use, not painful
It was my first time ever using fondant and the experience was very informative and pleasant. I know that I covered these cakes the wrong way, but the overall look and end result were adequate. I learned so much for the next time I use fondant (Abbie's 1st Birthday)
It was unique way to do a cake, it took effort, and most importantly- it was from the heart.