The Hunt Is On

For the Annual Joy Family Easter Egg Hunt, I made some treats for all of the little grand babies, and my own babies:)
My mom used to make these bunny "suckers" when I was growing up, and I wanted my kids to have some of the same memories. We aren't going to make a big deal with the Easter Bunny side of Easter. That isn't where we want the focus. We are going to set it up much the same as Christmas, but the Annual Hunt tends to happen a couple of weeks before Easter making it significantly easier to focus on Christ.
Supplies You Need:
Hostess Ding Dongs
Pipe Cleaners- extra fluffy
Royal icing- plus piping bag, coupler, and tip #2
Sucker Sticks
This is so easy! I only had tip #5, so too much royal icing came out at once, causing the lines to bleed into each other. Now I have tip #2 which will allow for more precision, detail, and finer lines. My mom always did buttercream frosting, but I want to get more efficient with royal icing and used this project as practice. They are little kids they won't care:)
Just put the sucker stick in the bottom of the Ding Dong
Fold two pipe cleaners in half so that it looks like an ear and twist the bottom
Tint your icing to desired colors
Use the icing to create desired pattern
You can and should practice first as the Ding Dongs are not forgiving to repeated erasing:)

Next time I will tie a ribbon on the sucker stick to prevent the Ding Dong from sliding, and to give the bunny an appealing bow tie.

Using leftover sugar cookie dough, and royal icing for more practice.