$2 Cake Stand

I have really been needing some kind of cake stand. Whether for cakes, cupcakes, or cookies; I wanted something to display them on. Eventually I will get a really nice cake stand that will be an heirloom piece such as this in large, this, this or this, but for now my dollar store creation will have to do.
1 dollar store candle stick (next time I will use wood instead of metal)
1 dollar store ceramic plate
1 can Bahama Blue Krylon spray paint
1 tube e6000 adhesive.
I wanted this to be my Easter stand so I flecked the finish product with brown craft paint. The final look was that of a pretty blue speckled egg. I made two so that I could stack one on top of the other so that they turned into tiers. I just need to find a small plate now, and use it for the top tier; to display one cupcake or cookie.
I was much too impatient for this project, and moved quickly. Next time I will go slower so that imperfections are minimal, and the paint has time to dry in between coats. Also, if I am going to be covering the objects in a lighter color paint I will get lighter colored plates. This will cut down on waste of pretty spray paint.
Note: I have used the cheap Walmart brand of spray paint (97 cents) and it is you get what you pay for. It worked fine for this project, but the Krylon bottles have a wider variety of colors, better coverage, and smoother application. Plus the Krylon I used for this was less than $2.50, and it's not so hard on your wrists.
I just sprayed the plate and candlestick until satisfied, and followed the directions on applying the adhesive to both surfaces and let it cure.
Total cost to make it work: $2.00
Now just whip up so cupcakes and enJOY.