Scripture Power

Asher is in love with Firetrucks, Cop Cars, Garbage Trucks, Tractors... basically what every little boy loves. I decided to make him a personalized Book of Mormon cover, with his special firetrucks on them. He was excited just to hold and purchase the paper, you should have seen when he saw the whole book finished with an extra picture of the temple that I inserted. I found a tutorial here on Ucreate that would work for anybody, I just chose to make one for Asher to take to church. This way we can teach him to respect and be reverent with special things, but it also makes it so that when accidents happen; it's not a $35 bonded leather quad that got ruined.
For his personalized scripture tote, I had everything on hand and just tried to teach myself new techniques. The mistakes I made, especially on the "A," made it so much easier to do it better the next time I try. That's the great thing about learning, even with the inevitable mistakes, it is fun and fulfilling. Asher didn't care about the mistakes, he just loved that he had his own bag and scriptures to take to church every Sunday. I did have to explain to him that it was not in fact "Asher's Purse" but "Asher's Bag." Matt was very glad that I made that clarification to a two year old.
Scrapbook paper $1.00
Everything else I had on hand
I guess it is a good thing that I am a craft supply junkie