A Love To Call My Own

Some of Matt's cousins and sisters had a girls night out craft night. Our kids went off to play and we ate homemade Bajio style salads. Sarah did an awesome job as hostess and cook. She wanted everyone to make blocks like I had done before and I figured it was time I had some of my own. I made my LOVE blocks match my kitchen, which is a work in progress, so that I could keep them up year round. I love how crisp black, white, and yellow look together; and I love damask. I am opposed to curtains in my kitchen, but I think if I could find some damask fabric I really liked, I would make and hang them. Until then, my fun little blocks will have to do.
The cost was free because I had everything on hand form previous projects. I think the heart block is my favorite because of all the components. Especially the black ribbon I had left over from making a headband. (Post coming soon.)
Abbie kept spazing out, thinking I was leaving her; so I didn't really get to do mine until I got home and the kids were asleep. The night was fun and we got to visit. Asher got to interact with little kids and play. I can't wait until we do it again.
As time goes on, I realize that my camera is frustrating. I can't wait to get a Nikon. i will have to wait until there is money. Until I have money magically growing in my wallet, you will have to deal with usually dark and sometimes out of focus pictures. Enjoy