Cute Little Bug

My Cousin had a cute little baby boy at the beginning of December. I decided that I had the perfect opportunity to make a cute little onesie for Luke. Asher helped pick out the fabric, and I grabbed some coordinating ribbon for the little legs, and stitched the rest. Asher also decided to help my by holding the buttons for the eyes, to which I hear in his little two year old voice, "Asher eat the button!" He didn't get the eye buttons, but I am sure the some other defenseless button bit the dust. I was done letting him "help" me, when he took it upon himself to grab some little beads and chew on them until he realized they weren't really sprinkles. Nice.
I really liked how this onesie turned out. The only thing I had a problem with is I used Wonder Under to adhere the bug to the onsie first. I did it this way because I noticed that when I would wash Abbie's onsie's, the thread would pull through because of fraying. It made it harder to hand stitch, but it kept it in place and will hold up better in the wash. I guess there are small issues with or with out the Wonder Under.