Almost Good Enough To Eat

I decided to do a homemade Christmas for 2009.
I made some felt food for some cousin gifts for Asher and Abbie to exchange. It took longer than I anticipated because I was hand sewing everything. It was good practice, as I learned that when I make some felt food for Asher and Abbie's new play kitchen, I want to use a different stitch.
Asher actually helped me sew. I would push it through and his two year old fingers would pull. (Albeit usually too hard so that the needle came off of the thread.) His favorite was the red butterfly sugar cookie. He walked around holding it saying, "Buggerfly cookie, eat the buggerfly cookie. Buggerfly cookie Asher's favorite." (Yea for pigeon english) He was so excited.
He also wanted to eat the 'tend (pretend) donuts. Next time I will make the donut holes smaller so that they look more realistic. I liked how both sets turned out overall, and I picked up some self taught tips for next time.