Wedded Bliss

My sister in law Andrea and her fiance Kenny are getting married January 2. I asked her if I could make her guest sign in book, and she said yes. Her colors are turquoise, brown, and white, with a winter wonderland theme. I wanted the colors, but I didn't want it to be wintry, so the hunt for the perfect paper was on. It was a stressful project, and time consuming, but I enjoy the overall result.
At one of my wedding showers my aunt gave me an advice book for everyone to sign in at the showers/ wedding. It is fun to go back and read all the different bits of wisdom people chose to share with us. I thought that that would be something fun for Andrea and Kenny to have as well. This was especially so for when they went to California for an Open House with Kenny's family and friends.
Weddings are a fun, stressful time that never go as planned. The most important thing that you are happily maried to an eternal companion
They are such a cute couple, and their crazy adventure together is just beginning.
My favorite page was the one above where they are holding hands. It looks awesome in person, and Matt and I have an almost identical shot.

Congratualtions Andrea and Kenny, we are so excited for you!