Oh Canada!

My cousin just returned form his mission in upper Canada. I was asked to bring a dessert for his homecoming meal and decided that the Canadian flag would be one of the easiest to do.
I made the cupcakes and frosting from scratch, them I dipped each a red stripe on each side leaving it white in the middle. I then took some of the red Wilton melting chocolates, and spread it at least a 1/4 inch thick on wax paper after melting. Once it had completely hardened, I used a maple leaf cookie cutter.
Note: This was more difficult than I realized it would be. If the chocolate wasn't thick enough, the leaf would crumble. The chocolates would fuse to the inside of the cookie cutter and I had to let me hand warm the cutter so that it would release.
My cousin loved how they looked, and they tasted yummy.