A Little More Halloween

This is the wreath I made for Halloween. I just sprayed a brown stick wreath with black spray paint. After it dried i spread some tacky glue all over in random spots and sprinkled on some lime green glitter. I then wired on the BOO ornament. I like how it turned out, but not on my ugly, brassy wooded front door. Total around $7.00
For my spooky tree, I had my dad cut off an old dead limb from a tree. I the spray painted the limb and the pot black. I took some floral foam and "planted" the spooky limb. I hot glued some moss on the top of the pot and two crows onto the tree. Next year I might use hot glue to make spider webs on the branches. Total $5.00

A friend at work brought in her little ghost garland. Hers was a little too cutesy for me with blushed cheeks and hair bows, but a liked the idea.
I just took an 8 inch square of white fabric,
fold it in half, then in half again.
Now you have a smaller folded square.
Flip the square so that it looks like you are staring down at a diamond shape.
Round off the bottom point with sewing shears or pinking shears.
Then take a clothes pin. I painted mine black and then Mod Podged some Halloween scrapbook paper on the front.
After drawing eyes and a mouth on my ghost, I hooked it to the clothes pin.
Note: The bottom of the ghost is the rounded end that you cut, and the point at the top is the head. You decide where you want the eyes and mouth after you have chosen where you would like the clothespin.
Repeat process for however many ghosts you want in your garland, then thread with black or whatever color ribbon you want; through the metal spring in the middle of the clothespin.
Total: Free- as I had everything on hand.