Little Toothfairy

My cousin's little girl Madi had her sixth birthday. Since I am all about saving money so that I can buy more craft stuff (shhhh!) I came up with a homemade doll. This fairy is perfect for someone just starting to lose her baby teeth. I sewed on a little pocket on the front for the tooth/prize exchange.
She turned out okay for a first try, though she definitely taught me some pointers on proper execution. (Don't look too close) Yes she has a gimpy leg and some frowzy hair; but cut her some slack:) I stuffed her body with rice and the head portion and limbs with fiberfill. I need to learn what various stitches there are out in the vast world of sewing. I hope if and when I attempt another doll, that it will be a smoother process. (I hate picking, or unpicking!)