Fruity Fun

Cupcakes are all the rage right now and I have always loves to bake, therefore the "rage" and I are getting along quite well.
My cousin just got off of her mission and as it was summertime I wanted a fun dessert for everyone to eat. As I was thinking about what to do, the garden inspired fruit cupcakes were born. I baked up some cupcakes in those awesome Reynolds Wrap Cupcake Papers. These papers have an outer layer of foil that allow you to bake more at a time because you don't need a muffin tin. After they are baked, the foil paper comes off leaving a nice white paper around your cupcake.
Supplies Needed:
24 cupcakes cooled
homemade chocolate frosting
about 1 package crushed Oreo cookies (filling removed and set aside)
green fruit roll ups
1 package original starbursts
1 bag small stick pretzels
1 sharp paring knife
I frosted each cupcake and quickly dipped it in the "dirt" (crushed Oreo cookies)
For the watermelon I melted two of the red/cherry starbursts until they were pliable. I formed it into a wedge shape and set aside. While it was laying on it's side, I used the paring knife to give the impression of seeds. I then took some of the Oreo cookie filling to make the white part of the rind. I cut a slice of the green fruit roll up the width and length of the watermelon and gently fused it with the cookie cream.
For the juicy peach I took two of the orange starbursts and rolled it into a ball. I then took a 3/4 inch long skinny triangle and gently wrapped the bottom side to a 1/2 pretzel stick end. When those were fused fairly well I pushed them into the middle while trying to keep a ball shape.
(This was my favorite)
For the strawberry, I used two of the pink/strawberry starbursts. (At least the object and the flavors finally matched up.) I rolled them into a ball and then molded it into a shape that was wider at the top, tapered at the bottom, and had a slight indentation in the end. I then cut the green fruit roll up so that there was a row triangles on one side and a straight edge on the other. I also made sure that it covered the top of the strawberry entirely. Once those were fused, I used the paring knife to once again give the impression of seeds.

It was a lot of time consuming work, but I was very pleased with the end result.