Tag Baby Blanket

This tag baby blanket is super easy to make. I love the bright colors and birds are all the rage right now.

Materials needed:

1 yard printed flannel (top of blanket)
1 yard coordinating flannel (bottom of blanket)
Coordinating grosgrain and/or satin ribbons of different widths
Matching thread
1/2 inch seam allowance

You can find really good deals on flannel at Walmart, or you can wait for an awesome sale like I did and get it at Joann's.

Step 1: Carefully iron out your fabric so that it will line up.

Step 2: Match up your flannel right sides together on the selvage edge.

Step 3: Trim your fabric so that everything lines up evenly.

Step 4: Place some push pins throughout the fabric along the edge to prevent movement.

Step 5: Take your variety of ribbon and cut to different lengths.
(Mine ranged from 1 1/2 inches to 4 inches. If it gets shorter than 1 1/2 inches it will barely show due to the seam allowance. If you larger than 4 inches you can run the risk of the baby getting tangled depending on the width of the ribbon.)
The possibilities are endless with your ribbon choices. You can do monochromatic with different shades. All Pastels. All Brights. Or you can do like I did and have varying colors found in the fabric. You can have the ribbon go around the blanket in a random pattern like me or a set pattern.

Step 6: Fold your cut ribbon in half and tuck it so that it is sandwiched in between your fabric, that is still right sides together.

Step 7: Pin the ribbon in place. Do this around the entire blanket.

Step 8: Sew with a straight stitch around the blanket leaving a 4-6 inch hole that you have back stitched on both sides of the opening. (Pull your pins out as you go, holding the ribbon in place with your fingers to prevent breaking you sewing needle.)

Step 9: Snip all four corners without cutting the thread. This will give you a nice sharp corner when turned right side out.

Step 10: Turn blanket right side out

Step 11: Fold the material in your 4-6 inch opening down inside 1/2 inch so that it looks like the rest of the blanket.

Step 12: Sew around the top edge with a wide zig zag stitch to keep the material from rolling so much when washed, and to seal up your opening without hand stitching.

Step 13: EnJOY!