Sweet Baby Bows

I started off by making something that could hold baby bows. I took a 6x6 inch block of wood and painted it with an off-white craft paint. I wanted it to be more of a cream, but you go with what you have on hand. I then "roughed" it up with some dark brown craft paint. After the paint dried I took two silk flowers, broke them down, and put them back together into one fuller flower. (Say that five times fast!) I left out the plastic pieces from the middle and used a jumbo epoxy brad to hold all of the flower pieces together. I also chose to "rough" up and dust the flower petals with the same dark brown craft paint. I then glued it on my freshly painted, dry wood block.
I then took a two yard length of ribbon and folded it in half to find the mid point. Once I figured out how much ribbon I wanted to show above the wood block to use as the hanger, I glued my ribbon to the back of my wood block. When I completed this step hindsight called me and let me know that I should have glued my ribbon on BEFORE my flower. Oh well live and learn. I cut my ribbon ends off at an angle so that they look more finished, but I still need to Fraycheck or burn the ends to keep them from fraying.

To make the hair bows you will need to get...
*Silk flowers. Roberts and Ben Franklin's have the best selections. Use the links to get their coupons.
*Jumbo Epoxy Brads or Small Crystal Brads
*Coordinating Buttons
*Hair clips (I got a box of 100 at Sally's Beauty Supply for $3)
*Coordinating Ribbon the width of your clip
*Glue Gun
I did not pay full price for any of the supplies for the hair bows. I watched for sales and waited for coupons in the Sunday paper, as well as printing them off of the Internet. Most craft stores now accept competitor's coupons so you can get a bunch of stuff at once. Practically two for one, yea:)
Now it is up to you. There is no limit to the bows you can create with just a few supplies. Have at it and enJOY.