Father's Day Fast Food

I am so into making things for holidays. It is cheaper, way more fun, and from the heart. This year for Father's Day I needed to make something a diabetic could more easily consume, thus Fast Food diabetes style. I found the idea here though mine was not as well put together as Bakerella's.

*I had a church meeting I had forgotten about and had to scramble to finish up as the Young Women were giving some to the Bishopric.

My recipes differed from Bakerella's in these ways:

*I made my sugar cookie dough from scratch with Splenda

*I found reduced sugar frosting and reduced sugar cake mix

*The brownies were the only thing that packed a full sugar punch

I am always more critical of my own work, but everyone else loved them. Obviously things taste better packed full of sugar, but the Splenda sugar cookies were actually quite good. They were toddler approved (though toddlers will put ANYTHING in their mouths once:)) It was a fun idea and next time I will make sure that I have enough time to make it look cleaner. EnJOY.