Easter Egg Cake

I have always liked to work with cakes; I have been doing them since I was four. (Someday I will dig out the picture, it's soooo pretty and not at all messy looking:) It doesn't mean that they always turn out, but the process is fun to learn. For Asher's first Easter I wanted to make a cake and so I thought it up and created it. I just used...

*Two Wilton 8 inch rounds

*Wilton cake colorings (all the springy colors)

*A batch of homemade cake frosting

*One box white cake mix

I used white cake mix because I wanted to dye the batter kind of rainbow like. I learned that there needs to be a lot more cake batter colored to actually show up. Once the cake were cooled a sliced off the tops, frosted the middle, and fused them together. I then decorated the outside and made it Easter Egg-y. It tasted very yummy and was a pretty good attempt after being on a cake baking hiatus for a while. Eventually I will take some of those cake making classes all of the craft stores offer, but for now I will teach myself and get help from my mom.