Eden- 9 Months

It is so exciting to see all of the changes Eden is making.
She blooms more and more each day.

I LOVE seeing her cognitively master something...
Like when she finally learned to pinch her food and get it to her mouth all in the same night.
With each milestone, we clap and cheer.
This makes Eden smile and wiggle frantically.
She does her own version of a sideways clap.

When she was 7 months old she said her first word.
Eden says it so often when we eat, that she sounds like a broken, yelping record.

Eden has always eaten "human food" more than baby food.
She LOVES any kind of rice, black beans, bread, chicken, watermelon, grapes... anything really.
That little girl shakes so hard if you take too long to get food in her mouth...
And if you take even longer than that, she yells at you...
Even during the prayer! (We are working on the whole Being Reverent thing;)

She says BATH! and loves to splash in there.
Eden will flip over onto her tummy and blow bubbles in the water.

Eden's face lights up when she sees her sister.
She does a little for Asher, but seriously giggles and wiggles for her sister.
Abbie can get her to smile and laugh.
When Abbie isn't stealing Eden's puffs or yogurt melts...
She feeds them to her, and Eden loves it:)

Eden got her two bottom teeth last week.
This is the first time at I have nursed a baby with teeth.
She only does comfort nursing at night.
I am slightly terrified to nurse a baby with teeth.
Abbie was weaned at 6 months, and it happened to be the same week she got teeth.
Asher weaned at 6 months and didn't get teeth until 13 months.
This is a new adventure.

Eden still tucks her head in the crook of my neck.
It is one of my favorite things!
When she drinks a bottle or nurses, she growls between sips.

Eden loves to play Peek a Boo in sheet forts on my bed.
She laughs and flips and kicks all over it.
She especially likes it when the extra fan in my room fills it up with cool air like a giant bubble:)

Every day I ask her, "Where's Dada?" and she immediately tries to find Matt.
When her eyes meet his, she gets a grin so big that her head starts to bobble.

Eden finally crawled at 9 months.
She does a little gimpy crawl like Asher did.
It will be interesting to see if she grows out of it, or sticks with it like her brother.
Having to baby proof this time around is more difficult.
Her older siblings having enticing, yet chokeable toys.
With her new found freedom, she loves to go exploring.
She crawls to the same spot every time,
To tip over her toy basket, and wedge herself in between the bookshelf and tv.

Eden is still only 16.6 lbs.
She is gaining in height, so the doctors know she is thriving.
We have just always had to fight to get our kids to gain weight.
Eden is at least on the charts, which gives her a jump on Abbie.

Eden loves to see babies... especially herself.
She saw the picture below on me computer,
And she started to dance for herself.

I love Eden and all of her squishy goodness:)


Abbie Files

Since I have written about Asher and Eden...
Now it is Abbie's turn.

Oh my Abbie.
She is so passionate about life.
Every person is her friend, even if she has never met them before.
She feels everything deeply... like with Emily.
Abbie is intense, loud, opinionated, a master negotiator, and teaser...
All traits that she fortunately/unfortunately inherited from me.
She is also deeply in love with music and she has a fighting chance to be good on a theater stage.

That girl of mine pesters her brother to no end.
But those moments when they get along and everything clicks into place...
Man those moments are great.

She loves Eden so much.
To the point that sometimes when Eden sees her coming,
She gets a panicked look on her face of,
"Oh no here she comes, more kisses and her breathing right in my face!"
Abbie is such a good sister to Eden.

Abigail is such a daddy's girl!
She has very vivid dreams, that are so vivid that alot of times they scare her.
She stalls trying to go to bed sometimes for fear of her dreams.
Asher will help her say a prayer to keep them at bay and let her sleep.
When we were gone up to Utah for three weeks this month...
Abbie had a nightmare one of the nights we were camping in Yellowstone.
She had the saddest look on her face and said, "I just misses my Daddy!"
I had to go to the ER in Jackson because I was sick,
But my mom said Abbie started to cry big crocodile tears for her dad.
When the kids got back home to Arizona with my Mom and Russ...
The first thing Abbie did was run as fast as she could into her daddy's arms.

Abbie is my adventurer.
On many of the hikes in Yellowstone, she was way in the front of everyone with my Grandpa.
Asher was at the back exploring anything and everything.
Abbie earned some goggles...
And after teaching herself to swim with a life jacket on she wears them in the bathtub, at the pool...
She can't wait to take swimming lessons, she is fearless.
(Which is one of the reasons we didn't get a house with a swimming pool)

Even though she frustrates me to no end sometimes...
I wouldn't change her.
I would miss her learning to wiggle her eyebrows...
Coming up with her own interpretive dance in the car seat to Seussical the Musical...
Telling me that I have two choices, both of which get her what she wants...
Her and Asher telling me that I had to buy cupcakes to celebrate a pretend birthday for Matt,
where they even sang Happy Birthday...
Me telling her she can't have a cupcake for breakfast, so she just licks the frosting off and leaves the cake...
How she steals my phone and I find pictures that she has taken and edited herself...
How she finds songs and come up with her own dances...
Abbie telling me her name isn't Abbie anymore and to start calling her Glimmer like Pixie Hollow Games.

I love my Abbiegail.
I love her curly hair.
I love her big brown eyes
I love that she can make me smile, even if I want to yell.
I love that when I do yell, she doesn't hold it against me.
I love that she loves to play dress up.
I love that she is a good eater, even though she doesn't like chocolate (except for Nutella)
I love that Abbie will run up to sing with the ward choir if she knows the song.
I love that her and her brother put their hands over their hear'ts for the flag...
And that she gets so excited when she hears the Star Spangled Banner.

Here are some of the pictures that Abbie has taken in the last few months.


Eden- 4 and 5 Month

I am SO far behind on posts!
This means that my Eden update is being combined:)

In these past two months Eden has made so many changes,
But one thing has remained the same...
And that is how often people tell us how beautiful she is.

The new things going on with Eden-

She learned to sit early just like Abbie...
Though she is still so weeble wobble.
Just yesterday she fell forward in the one spot on the floor that had no padding,
And when I pulled her up she had a bloody mouth...
She was very much a fan of the popsicle I let her taste to stop the bleeding and numb her mouth.

Eden also learned to put her binky back in her mouth.
She is very picky about when she utilizes this talent...
It tends to be when she is happy and doesn't really need,
And NEVER when she is in the middle of a crying bout.

Eden got to taste her first spoonfuls of baby food.
She got the yuck shivers, yet continued to open her mouth for more sweet potatoes.
Now she shakes and smacks her lips anytime she sees anyone eating.
The worst is when Eden has a mouth full of applesauce and starts blowing razzberries:)

She has learned to say Ma Ma Ma Ma and Ba Ba Ba.
Now that we have moved, and there are no grandma's taking care of her...
Eden is such a mama's girl.
If I set her down and leave the room, she screams MaMaMaMAAAA!!! until I come back.
I am totally building up my biceps holding her squishy little body:)

Eden is a Houdini and constantly figures out how to get her right arm out of her swaddle.
Fortunately, she is old enough to roll on her side and sleep all on her own.
She kicks so much in her swaddle when she doesn't want to go to sleep yet.
We had to start putting tube socks on her to stop her rubbing the skin off her feet:(

Eden likes...
Being strapped to mommy and going on hikes.

Swimming in not too cold water.

Cuddling and making silly noises.

Eating her toes.
Rubbing her sleepy head in a circular motion when she eats.
When daddy talks to her after being gone all day.
The fact that I make extremely ridiculous noises to make her smile and laugh.

Music, especially the Wikersham's Song from Seussical the Musical.
(She stops crying as soon as it starts to play, and begins crying when it ends)
And when Abbie sings to her.

Vigorously playing with her musical kick toy.

Eden is a happy baby for the most part...
Her beautiful eyes sparkle.
She holds my face and covers it in big, slobbery, open mouthed kisses, and stares at me with those eyes.
A smile so big that her binky can't stay in...
And we catch a glimpse of her gums and the future gappy smile like her older sister:)
I love watching her grow and cannot believe that she will shortly be six months old.

{Project Kid} Police Academy

Right before we moved here to Phoenix,
My Mom and Step Dad bought Asher an authentic looking Police uniform.
He is obsessed with it.

Asher talked about it every Sunday.
When we moved he tried to arrest kids at church.
On the way to the zoo, a couple of weeks ago,
Asher asked me if everyone had to follow his police laws...
I told he wasn't a police officer yet.
He assertively informed me from the back seat, "I most certainly am!"

I love that he is so enthralled.
That he wants to be a Police Officer...
Though in all honesty, when Asher handcuffs me while I am nursing Eden, it isn't my favorite:)

June 11, 2013 was an exciting day for Asher.
Matt knew someone from his LDS Mission 10 years ago here in Phoenix.
That man was a police officer back then, and is currently a Lieutenant over the Police Academy.
Matt used that connection and brought Asher in his Police uniform to the Academy.

Asher was so happy.
He talked about it so much the night before.
The anticipation was building!
He set out his uniform and his equipment...
Then Asher and Matt left the next the next morning.

He is sitting here next to me telling me what he did so I can type it up in his words.

I got to go in the exerciser room that had fans in the exerciser and I got pull ropes on wheels.
I got to get on the treadmill and the conveyor went.
We went and saw the guns, and boxing gloves to punch the bad guys so that they can't hurt the police.
I got to use a baton too, I had to hit a bouncy thing that was strong.
I got to punch the Police Officer's gloves.
I got to get in a Police Car and there was a Highway Patrol car with sirens.
We got to see police shooting guns to shoot bullets out of guns at targets.
I got to see where the police go and the bad guys go in the Police car.
I got to see in the bad guy window and the bars on the Police trunk.
There is a Police thing in the car with a whole bunch of controls, but it's not to drive the vehicles.
The Police gave me a target to shoot at with my toy guns.
They shot bullets at cardboard bad guys to pretend to arrest the bad guys...
And they gave me two bullet casings for my treasure box.
On the obstacle course I had to go outside and carry a thing way up into the air on a rope straight up the hill.
If you cant jump over the wall you cant be a Police.
It was hard for me to jump on it.
You had to climb on the rope and then you had to swing, but I could not get over that log... it was hard.
The Officer showed me some real handcuffs.
There was a soda machine, but you had to pay for it 'cause it costed money.
It was really good...
And Lieutenant Moore was a good teacher, and I told him "Thank You for your service!"

I am glad that he had so much fun,
And such a great learning experience.
These are the kinds of opportunities I want to provide for my kids...
Learning more about the things that interest them.
This was also a great Father/Son outing for Matt and Asher.
I am so grateful that Matt was willing to give up study time to take Asher.
I am also appreciative of Lieutenant Moore for cultivating Asher's deep love of Public Servants:)


Moment of Triumph

Asher has always been my more timid child
He is more reserved, he is more anxious.
Asher is easily embarrassed...
He has more fear.

Asher is also wildly inventive and imaginative.
More obedient...
My Words of Affirmation child.
He wants to do hands on work and learning.
He wants to be everything!
A cop, a park ranger, a life guard, a Krispy Kreme donut man, a zoo keeper.
I have loved dearly watching him grow these past five and a half years.

Asher like every other person on this planet has strengths and weaknesses.
I can already foresee the difficulties he will face with anxiety.
His desire to please and always win affect this daily.
New situations, people, loud noises, the fear of what may or may not happen...
Already burden his little shoulders.
We do our best to buffer, and teach during these moments,
As they will only increase as he gets older.

Luckily, home is a safer haven.
Asher can be himself and we can do what we can to prepare him for the times that he is away.
I push him to try new things,
Because if we are never pushed out of our comfort zones, we cease to grow.

Today was a big day for Asher.
I am so proud of him!
This was a banner day for growth and comfort zone expansion:)

We purchased season passes to the local and largest water park in Arizona.
(It also helps that it is less than five minutes away, and helps beat the heat)
On Saturday, Asher wouldn't even go on the little water slides.

Abbie was fearless and went on any adult slides that allowed 42" kids.
Asher was begging not to even go in the wave pool.
I was beginning to think that season passes were not as fiscally sound as we had thought.

Today Asher went over and over on the little kid slides with Abbie.
Then she wanted to go on the big rainbow racers again.
I told Asher that he had to go only one time if he didn't fight me on it.
(Two times if he did ;)
He was distressed but willing.

He and Abbie hiked up the flights of stairs with the slide mats while I waited at the bottom with Eden.
I watched and waited (There were a lot of stairs)

I saw him shoot out of the twisty tube.
I saw him search for me at the bottom.
I saw as his eyes met mine, the look of triumph on his face.
I saw the shy sheepish smile, transform into an ear to ear grin.

This would seem such a small accomplishment to most.
But it is and was a moment I treasure.

Asher excitedly told me how much fun it was and that he wanted to go 50 times.
He and Abbie went four more times, and then went down the Constrictor together...
A dual tube, tight slide in the dark.
They loved it and wanted to go again.
This monumental day also made our passes much more fiscally sound:)

I love my kids!
I love that I get this time together with them, without having to worry about work.
I love, and am slightly terrified that Abbie is so fearless, and tends to always be the smallest.
I love that I have this memory and moment of my son overcoming a fear that he had!

Today was such a great day!